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Hello!! Anyone here?

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Hi. I'm Tratagon, I used to play on the old creative server, and it was a hell of fun. No other server could ever match what I experienced in those precious months. But then it was closed down, and I was kinda sad about that, and then there was some talk about creating another creative server? But that talk about another creative server was a year ago, and from my expert research the last post was on April 15, 2013 by Dasub, and it was about Guild Wars 2. I'm just wondering if:
A) People still use these forums
B) Is there ever gonna be another creative server?
Or maybe you have already created another server I do not know of?
Tratagon  ;)

*dusts away cobwebs* Oh hi!

Answers to your questions:

A) Yes and no. I keep a tab open with this forum permanently open on it, but I don't know of many/anyone else that still come on.

B) Probably not. Bukkit is still a pain in the ass to keep updated with Minecraft under such heavy development so a maintained server is a time-consuming affair.

As for us playing on another server, I personally am, but it's a private one with a few mates, nothing serious. Also it's survival, so nothing creative as yet. But hey, might post the IP one day, you never know ;)

Good to hear from you buddy!


So does that mean you are the only one who still comes on? Does vDepth still come on?
And I am sorry to hear about the VoidRazor servers. I will have to create my own, it seems, which should actually be good fun!
And yes I was meaning to post this for a year now, but something always got in the way.

I am still here.

Hey vDepth. I remember you as the best head admin I had ever met! You were very professional in you ways, but now it seems that you can no longer put that professionalism to further use, unless you really are creating another server? Or maybe you are admin of another server?
But I am still happy with the old creative world. It brings back a lot of awesome memories, and I will always have a copy of it somewhere. Also, do you have the original world file before you started to create the server?


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