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Important to the future direction of the server.



Wait what? Why is there heaps of Dasubs? What server?

Glitch. For some reason, whenever I logged out I'd leave a clone, so I was told to keep doing it heheh, haven't been able to recreate it since which is a shame.

The server is that private one I mentioned in the other thread, kinda just derping around in survival atm, but hey, when stuff like this happens it's totally worth it ;)

Lol that's pretty cool. I've seen clones of people on servers that follow you're movements, but they're aren't glitches.

So at the moment this server isn't really doing much?

Also, how much do you have to pay to host a server and how hard is it?

It really depends on the quality of the server you are after. If it is just between a small group of friends you can host it from your home connection depending on your internet. However if you want to have a public server of some kind or a server that will be used frequently then you will want to look at getting a server through a hosting company. Prices vary quite a bit from host to host. You want at least 1gb of ram on the server, preferably more though.


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