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How is this website still up...


Well it's me Tratagon again, just checking on you guys 12 or so months later, seeing if anyone's still here in this ghost town. Just wondering, vDepth, are you still paying for this website to be online or what? Because there's virtually no activity (sadly). But even though it is inactive please please please keep it online, it has a lot of memories for me, and vDepth can you please post the fixed world download link.

I'm still here monitoring daily :P but yeah, it's all but dead. I might be seeing Depth soon so if he doesn't read this I'll ask him to resupply the download link if he still has it


--- Quote from: Tratagon on September 06, 2014, 01:46:11 pm ---vDepth can you please post the fixed world download link.
--- End quote ---
Converted to the most recent version of minecraft.

Thanks so much vDepth. How do you guys actually go on this page every day if nothing is happening... ever? You're like sentient beings waiting to be awoken from your eternal slumber. Which I have done twice now lol.
Are you guys planning a new server or have one already up? I'm getting a gaming pc soon so it would be nice to play some MC after a long time  8)

I have the "Unread Messages" tab permanently open in my browser :P so I check it every day to be safe. And I don't think there'll be another Voidrazor MC server unless Depth decides it's worth reviving, so maybe if there's enough call for it?

Honestly I'm surprised this forum hosting is still live lol


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