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Hello, anybody out there?


*blows away dust, and coughs*

Its been awhile! But thought I'd check in.

Am currently playing Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and League - if anyone ever wants to join in :)

Also what is everyone's thoughts on Fallout 4?

*slides back into the void*

Puff lives! Haha hope you're doing well lad :)

I was playing Elite for a bit but the multiplayer is still a bit buggy at the best of times, been playing old mate Star Wars Battlefront mainly, as much as I said I wouldn't ever get it lol.

Fallout 4 is pretty fun too, flipping open world post-apocalyptic scavenging, crafting and base-building? Flop yis

Protip: Get the inventory increasing mod, running back and forward to deposit stuff gets old REALLY fast, and you'll probably end up picking up everything for the sweet crafty goodness.

Anyways, until the next time! (Probably like 3 years lol)


It's been 5 years almost. 5 freaking years. It feels like just yesterday I was playing on this server, and boy was it the best server I played on. I moved on to a creative freebuild server called Concept Freebuild around 2 years after this one (so 2013) and it was brilliant but not as good as this, this one had the best admins and commonly the best people.

Anyway, how is everyone? (And by everyone I mean whoever the hell even checks this forum lol)


Yeah good memories of the old server, gotta say, logging on to see what people had built was a highlight of each day :)

I'm well, hopefully everyone else is too, but as far as I know only a handful of us still check the forum every now and then heheh

Welp, until next time someone checks the forum, take care!


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