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Ranks and Permissions.
« on: August 06, 2011, 03:30:56 pm »
Current groups and permissions:
(Each rank has the same permissions as the previous groups).
/clear - Clears your inventory. (Use '/clear -a' to clear full inventory).
/i - Gives you an item.
/ping - Says "Pong" back to tell you if the server is responding.
/cmdbook version - Show CommandBook's version.
/time - Check time.
/who, /list, /playerlist, /players, /online  - Check who is online.
/whois - Get information about a player. (Self only).
/whereami, /getpos, /pos, /where - Get your current location.
/compass - Get your current cardinal direction.
/msg, /message, /whisper, /pm, /tell - Sends a message to a player (or console if "!" is used).
/reply, /r - Reply to the last person that you messaged.
/me - Send an action message.
/spawn - Teleport to spawn.
/call - Request a teleport from someone.
/rules - Show the rules.
/motd - Show the message of the day. (Server welcome message).
/kit - Get a list of kits that a player can use or get a kit. (List of kits can be found here).
/warp point <name> - Points your compass to warp.
/god - Turn on godmode.
/ungod - Turn off godmode.
/ascend - Go up a floor.
/descend - Go down a floor.
/home - Takes you to your home.
/home set - Sets your home to your current position.
/home delete - Deletes your home
/home help - Display home help
/lwc - Lists available lwc commands.
/cprivate - Create a private protection.
/cpublic - Create a public protection.
/cpassword - Create a password-protected protection.
/cmodify - Modify an existing private protection.
/cunlock - Unlocks a password-protected block.
/cinfo - View information on a protection.
/climits - View the amount of protections you are allowed.
/cremove - Remove a protection.
/lwc mode
/lwc flag - Change protection flags.
/lwc menu - Change menu styles.

Use a warp sign

[spoiler=Junior Members]Junior Members:
/more - Changes the held stack to have 64 items.
/isbanned - Checks if a player is banned (exact name).
/return, /ret - Return back to your last location. (After teleport/summon).
/warp <name> - Warps to warp named <name>.
/warp list (#) - List all of the warps you have access to (page style).
/warp slist - List all of the warps you have access to (hMod style).
/warp search <query> - Searches your warps for a specific query.
/home <name> - Visit <name>'s home.
/home list - Displays whose homes you can visit.
/home ilist - Displays who can visit your home.
/home invite <name> - Invites <name> to your house
/home uninvite <name> - Uninvites <name> to your house.
/lb toolblock - Gives you bedrock for reading block logs.
/lb tool - Gives you a stick for reading block logs.
/qc - Remote control redstone by creating quantum connectors.

NoCheat flying - Allows them to fly around the map at walking speeds.

[spoiler=Senior Members]Senior Members:
/clear - Clears your inventory. (Use '/clear -a' to clear full inventory).
/i - Gives you an item. (Use -1 as the amount for an infinite stack).
/more - Changes the held stack to have 64 items. (Use '/more -i' to create an infinite stack of the held item).
/warp invite <player> <name> - Invites <player> to your warp <name>.
/warp uninvite <player> <name> - Uninvites <player> from your warp <name>.
/warp pcreate <name> - Create a new private warp at your current position.
/warp welcome <name> - Change the welcome message for warp <name>.
/warp delete <name> - Deletes your warp, <name>.
/tp, /teleport - Teleport to a player.
/unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block.
/ceil - Go to the celing.
/thru - Passthrough walls.
/jumpto - Teleport where you are aiming.
/up - Go upwards some distance.
/remove - Remove all entities of a type.

NoCheat moving - Allows them to fly around the map at full speeds.
Use colours in chat

/clear - Clears your or another player's inventory.
/time <time> - Set the time.
/time -l <time> - Locks the time. (Note: Messes with redstone circuits).
/bring, /tphere, /summon, /s - Teleport another player to you.
/place, /put - Teleport another player to the location that you are looking at.
/broadcast - Broadcasts a message to everyone.
/mute - Mute a player. (Globally).
/unmute - Unmute a player.
/slap - Slap a player.
/rocket - Rocket a player.
/barrage - Send a barrage of arrows from a player.
/shock - Strikes a player with lightning.
/thor - Give Thor's hammer.
/kick - Kick a player.
/ban - Ban a player.
/unban - Unban a player (exact name).
/bans load - Read bans from disk.
/bans save - Force save bans to disk.
/spawnmob - Spawn a mob or several.
/weather - Change the weather.
/thunder - Change the thunder and lightning state.
/warp give <player> <name> - Give your warp <name> to <player>.
/warp public <name> - Makes your warp <name> public.
/warp private <name> - Makes your warp, <name>, private.
/warp create <name> - Create a new (generally public) warp at your current location.
/lb rollback - Selectively turn back the clock and restore an area.
/lb redo - Undoes your most recent rollback.
/lb lookup - Shows you the result of a query.
/vanish - Turns you invisible and stops item pickups.
/vanish check - Shows you your status.
/. - Repeat the last used command.
/give - Gives you or others an item.

Godmode on by default
MyHome admin
MyWarp admin
Create a warp sign
LWC admin
Full Worldguard
Full Worldedit

* - All permissions.
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Re: Ranks and Permissions.
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2011, 02:03:02 pm »
Guests and above now have permissions to use the /item command.
JrMembers also have the /more command.