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No, this isn't a shifty request for players to move to PIS Minecraft. This is just a little hi to all the players who moved from PIS to voidrazor and a heads up that PIS has probably been retired for good.

Thanks to everyone, and I mean everyone, who played on PIS in the past and made it the once great place it used to be. I really enjoyed running the server and met a lot of pretty cool people - but I simply don't play MC any more and I can't justify using half of my bandwidth to support the server.

If anyone plans to play Planetside 2 next year, maybe I'll see you on there. Otherwise, who knows, there may one day be another PIS server for some other game and I'd love to see you there!

Great to see a lot of PIS originals on voidrazor. Enjoy, build something cool and see you around.


* Omni, don't delete my post. <3

That's what the Voidrazor forums need, more Fabgav :P hi to you too!

Sweet! :D PIS was fun while it lasted.

PIS was indeed fun while it lasted. At least I know where to find all the old players though :) I might join you all in a few months when I get into Minecraft next.


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