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Le Trolling
« on: December 22, 2011, 03:40:37 am »
Ah, the joys of reverse-griefing. Following is an epic tale of a griefer and his server, packed full of trolls that have nothing better to do than mess with the heads of griefers. I do hope you enjoy it!

00:15:46 OriginalGoomba [/] logged in with entity id 49353 at ([world] 105.5, 64.0, -349.5)

It begins. The griefer approaches the hapless server, fangs bared. Will any building be safe?

00:19:30 [VANISH] dasubliminal disappeared.

The stealthy moderator approaches his prey, and strikes with a fearsome cry:

00:19:59 [MOD] dasubliminal: Anyways, you need a hand Goomba?

Frightening! Always the troll, the fearless and dashingly handsome moderator offers a fake hand to the hapless griefer, who believes he is all by himself griefing the EBZ. Then comes the reply:

00:20:03 OriginalGoomba: no

So well worded.

So the griefer continues on his merry way, griefedy grief grief, all the while the trolling continuing little by little:

00:20:21 [MOD] dasubliminal: You building anything interesting?
00:20:26 OriginalGoomba: no
00:20:31 [MOD] dasubliminal: Right
00:20:33 OriginalGoomba: i might build some art
00:20:37 [MOD] dasubliminal: Well carry on then :P

Then the moderator strikes on a cunning plan, pretend to leave and return to the grief area to see if the griefer runs away hilariously, a plan that worked rather awesomely.

00:21:41 [MOD] dasubliminal: Forgot I haven't grief checked for awhile xD
00:21:52 [MOD] dasubliminal: Brb Cuna, gonna do a quick check of spawn
00:21:57 cunatuna: ok
*Pretends to go back to the spawn to check on things when in fact is watching said griefer run and hide in nearby house :P*
00:22:43 [MOD] dasubliminal: Well, everything seems in order
00:22:47 [MOD] dasubliminal: Back to ze building

Oh Das, you so crazy. But more shenanigans are afoot! Time to step it up a Notch (pun)

00:23:37 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh crap
00:23:45 [MOD] dasubliminal: Forgot to check the build zone xD
00:23:48 [MOD] dasubliminal: Brb again lol

Same trick, same result. Many guffaws to be had. But this time there's a twist:

00:24:56 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh man
00:25:02 [MOD] dasubliminal: What the hell happened here D:
00:25:09 [MOD] dasubliminal: Razi99
00:25:12 cunatuna: wht
00:25:14 cunatuna: ?
00:25:23 [MOD] dasubliminal: You be banned for griffin' the Rubik's cube mate
00:25:26 [MOD] dasubliminal: In your face
00:25:27 cunatuna: what happend
00:25:35 [MOD] dasubliminal: Some random griefing the server
00:25:44 [MOD] dasubliminal: Don't worry it's fixed

Griefer's mind is set at ease when random person is banned for the griefing that they were clearly not responsible for. And if there is actually a player named Razi99, I apologise for the defamation of your fine name. Time to see how far the griefer will go to save his ass:

00:25:55 [MOD] dasubliminal: You didn't see him Goomba?
00:26:06 OriginalGoomba: ? no i was making art :D
00:26:10 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ah ok then
00:26:14 OriginalGoomba: or trying too
00:26:18 [MOD] dasubliminal: Well if you see anyone join let me know

Keep your friends close and your derpy griefers closer, as they say. What's that? You're not laughing yet? Well obviously you had to be there, but anyway, funny situations continue after I discover Goomba's awesome creation! Except it clearly belongs to _jed_:

00:27:14 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh wow
00:27:18 [MOD] dasubliminal: That statue is boss!
00:27:22 [MOD] dasubliminal: Did you build that?
00:27:29 OriginalGoomba: yes

Oh Goomba! Well at this stage Cuna realises something is afoot, and being the good sport he is he plays along:

00:28:11 (PM) dasubliminal -> cunatuna: Play along :P
00:28:18 (PM) dasubliminal -> cunatuna: He's a griefer
00:28:24 [MOD] dasubliminal: How good is it Cuna?
00:28:25 (PM) cunatuna -> dasubliminal: ahahhah
00:28:32 [MOD] dasubliminal: :D
00:28:37 OriginalGoomba: its pickingup a house
00:28:41 OriginalGoomba: :)
00:28:48 cunatuna: wahhhh thats awesome
00:29:01 cunatuna: nice goomba
00:29:06 OriginalGoomba: thanks

Top marks for top trolling Cuna, much kudos to you.

Depth enters the fray, with a cunning plan for many more lulz to be had. He asked for Creative mode, why not give it to him? Why not I say!

00:30:34 OriginalGoomba: anyone got all of every wool i could have?
00:30:45 OriginalGoomba: like a stack of everywool?
00:30:50 [MOD] dasubliminal: I'll give you creative
00:30:54 OriginalGoomba: ty
00:30:54 [MOD] dasubliminal: That'll get you wool you need

Oh it will give you the wool you need, as well as the laffs that we enjoy so much. So Depth waves the magic adminium wand and POOF! Creative mode activated. And just when you think the bs factor of Goomba can't get any higher he pops out with this gem:

00:31:33 OriginalGoomba: oh by the way, my friend build the sheep behind it :P
00:31:43 [MOD] dasubliminal: :O
00:31:46 [MOD] dasubliminal: Who's your friend?
00:31:54 OriginalGoomba: techshatd
00:31:59 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ah nice one!
00:32:04 [MOD] dasubliminal: Tell him to come on too! :D
00:32:08 OriginalGoomba: techshartd*
00:32:17 OriginalGoomba: ok in a bit he isnt up yet...
00:32:32 [MOD] dasubliminal: Awesome :)


So yeah, Goomba left for a bit, so vDepth and myself spawned Enderdragons to fly around on. There was much rejoicing.

And then he returned! Turns out Kaleo (Implosi0n) was online as well, just the accomplice I needed to set up more hilarity. So it begins:

01:01:21 [MOD] dasubliminal: Well I'm gonna be building stuff if you need me
01:01:27 OriginalGoomba: ok

So the moderator "leaves" the area, enter Kaleo, centre stage:

01:03:12 Implosi0n: what the fuck happened to my rubix cube?
01:03:18 [MOD] dasubliminal: Huh?
01:03:23 [VANISH] dasubliminal reappeared.
01:03:28 [MOD] dasubliminal: WTF
01:03:32 [MOD] dasubliminal: It got griefed again!?
01:03:36 Implosi0n: some faggot's gone at my cube
01:03:39 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ffs
01:03:47 [MOD] dasubliminal: Let me check the logs for ya dude
01:03:53 OriginalGoomba: das, can i build here?
01:03:57 [MOD] dasubliminal: Sec man
01:04:01 [MOD] dasubliminal: Gotta sort this out
01:04:13 [MOD] dasubliminal: Lol Implosion
01:04:16 [MOD] dasubliminal: Nice try
01:04:24 Implosi0n: wut?
01:04:27 Connection reset
01:04:27 Implosi0n lost connection: disconnect.quitting <-- Kaleo getting "banned"
01:04:31 [Broadcast] Implosi0n has been banned <-- Fake broadcast message to reinforce the point
01:04:45 [MOD] dasubliminal: That's what you get
01:04:51 OriginalGoomba: thats a typical griefer..
01:05:08 [MOD] dasubliminal: Yeah, I get so sick of them
01:05:22 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ffs I'll fix this later
01:05:25 [MOD] dasubliminal: I cbf now
01:05:27 OriginalGoomba: grifes and then tells someone someone else did it
01:05:37 [MOD] dasubliminal: Yeah the nerve

Doh ho ho! That Goomba, such a character. So with the moderators on high alert Goomba gets a little shy, starts doing some legit building. Time to set his mind at ease.

01:10:17 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ugh stuff this, too tired for Minecraft
01:10:23 [MOD] dasubliminal: I'll catch you later dude
01:10:27 OriginalGoomba: ok
01:10:28 [MOD] dasubliminal: Might be on later
01:10:34 dasubliminal lost connection: disconnect.quitting
01:10:56 dasubliminal [/] logged in with entity id 56518 at ([world] 267.5, 73.0, -711.59375)
01:10:56 [VANISH] dasubliminal disappeared.
01:11:09 [VANISH] dasubliminal reappeared.
01:11:12 OriginalGoomba: ok?
01:11:12 [MOD] dasubliminal: Sorry forgot to mention
01:11:20 [MOD] dasubliminal: If you see any more griefers let me know
01:11:22 [MOD] dasubliminal: :P
01:11:26 [MOD] dasubliminal: See ya again
01:11:27 OriginalGoomba: ok

Had to throw that last bit in there. So the server is left with just Goomba and Depth on, Depth staying totally silent as to give the impression of being AFK, which works like a charm. So Depth stays on watching said griefer while the moderator "sleeps". Until...

01:51:11 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ugh. Can't sleep :/
01:51:18 [MOD] dasubliminal: Still there dude?
01:51:26 OriginalGoomba: yea look !
01:51:33 [MOD] dasubliminal: Kk
01:51:40 [VANISH] dasubliminal reappeared.
01:51:42 OriginalGoomba: i got of fr about ten mins!
01:51:45 [MOD] dasubliminal: WTF
01:51:47 OriginalGoomba: and lok!
01:51:51 [MOD] dasubliminal: Woah people have been busy as!
01:51:58 [MOD] dasubliminal: So much water!
01:52:04 [MOD] dasubliminal: Meg check this out
01:52:28 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh Depth is on
01:52:29 [MOD] dasubliminal: Hey dude
01:52:35 OriginalGoomba: hes afk
01:52:41 [MOD] dasubliminal: Yeah he does that
01:52:50 [MOD] dasubliminal: I'm sure he'll fix this when he gets back
01:52:54 [MOD] dasubliminal: *sigh*
01:52:55 OriginalGoomba: yea
01:52:57 [MOD] dasubliminal: Gotta check all this crap
01:53:08 OriginalGoomba: is thaere ny signs?
01:53:13 [MOD] dasubliminal: So you didn't catch their name?
01:53:23 OriginalGoomba: yea.... ummm
01:53:25 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh signs?
01:53:28 [MOD] dasubliminal: Where?
01:53:47 OriginalGoomba: they said
01:53:57 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh?
01:54:00 OriginalGoomba: and youtube/teamcreep
01:54:04 [MOD] dasubliminal: What's
01:54:09 OriginalGoomba: theres more over here...
01:54:09 [MOD] dasubliminal: And YouTube?
01:54:16 [MOD] dasubliminal: Woah
01:54:20 [MOD] dasubliminal: So much griefing D:
01:54:23 MegFACE: o.o
01:54:32 OriginalGoomba: the pixel art too
01:54:34 [MOD] dasubliminal: I like their logo :D
01:54:38 [MOD] dasubliminal: How did they make it?
01:54:49 [MOD] dasubliminal: Out of diamond ore, that's cool
01:55:04 OriginalGoomba: i guess someone had admin hacked...
01:55:07 [MOD] dasubliminal: I kinda want them to come back
01:55:12 OriginalGoomba: or had creative
01:55:23 [MOD] dasubliminal: Damn hackers
01:55:32 [MOD] dasubliminal: Which reminds me
01:55:37 [MOD] dasubliminal: You found al this griefing
01:55:47 [MOD] dasubliminal: You'd make a pretty good Mod I'd say
01:55:54 OriginalGoomba: yes when i came back from my breakfast
01:55:54 [MOD] dasubliminal: Did you want the privelege?
01:56:08 OriginalGoomba: sure! id love to help!
01:56:13 [MOD] dasubliminal: Awesome!
01:56:29 [MOD] dasubliminal: You got Skype or something?
01:56:39 [MOD] dasubliminal: Cos I gotta discuss some things with you
01:56:42 OriginalGoomba: yes, but my voice sounds weird
01:56:45 [MOD] dasubliminal: That's ok
01:56:55 OriginalGoomba: ok then
01:57:01 [MOD] dasubliminal: Sec
01:57:09 [MOD] dasubliminal: I think I found your name on it
01:57:18 [MOD] dasubliminal: Did you get a request from me?
01:57:23 OriginalGoomba: is it my name with a 1?
01:57:28 OriginalGoomba: like originalgoomba1
01:57:35 [MOD] dasubliminal: Yeah I sent invites to a few Goombas
01:57:40 [MOD] dasubliminal: I think you were one of them
01:57:42 OriginalGoomba: ok
01:57:44 [MOD] dasubliminal: I'll just delete the others

Hook, line, sinker. For the record we found Goomba's Skype tag a few minutes before I asked him about it so I had added him before I even asked. Luckily, this fact was overlooked. Cue first Skype call, downloadable here:

I'll wait for you to get back...


Welcome back!

So the stage is set. Before the Skype call was made Depth had modified the Minecraft permissions so Goomba could have a [MOD] tag in an instant, so the next part went fairly seamlessly:

02:05:51 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ok check your tag
02:05:54 [MOD] dasubliminal: See if it worked
02:05:56 [MOD] OriginalGoomba: ok
02:06:00 [MOD] dasubliminal: Awesome :)
02:06:00 [MOD] OriginalGoomba: yea its good
02:06:15 [MOD] dasubliminal: Sweet man, grats!
02:06:34 [MOD] OriginalGoomba: ok umm u need to be breifed on the log
02:06:35 [MOD] dasubliminal: Ok just sorting out some permission things
02:06:42 [MOD] OriginalGoomba: thats ok
02:06:44 [MOD] dasubliminal: Yeah no worries
02:06:46 [MOD] dasubliminal: Won't be long

A wild Kaleo appears, for his second performance of the night:

02:06:46 Implosi0n logged in with entity id 59608 at ([world] 69.83877390531691, 65.0, -377.6868708002764)
02:06:53 [MOD] dasubliminal: Oh hey dude
02:06:55 [MOD] dasubliminal: Wb
02:06:59 Implosi0n: hey das, can you give me a tp to beetus's wall?
02:07:05 [MOD] dasubliminal: Sure thing :)

Unfortunately, Goomba was completely oblivious to the fact that I had "banned" this player mere hours before. *sigh* But a small chuckle was had nonetheless.

Now to the finale, the finest moments of trolling that evening still yet to come! I convinced Goomba that there was a "server rewind view" in which I could view the actions of any player in the area as if I was playing through their eyes. He believed me, which was a good start, and then the second Skype call of the evening began:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, ends the festivities. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :)

- Das
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Re: Le Trolling
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Love it.


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Re: Le Trolling
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das, that was hilarious. just trying to picture it :/

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das you are totes cuto.
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Re: Le Trolling
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I congratulate you sir. That was amazing.